Living in the future

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Throughout Scandinavia, architects and planners are experimenting with new ways of urban living that could have an impact on how the people of tomorrow, all over the world, live with each other.

23. august 2018

In the old green square in Valby, Copenhagen, a new district is springing up. Grønttorvet will accommodate family homes, senior housing and young people’s housing along with a 23,000sq m park, which will be the green heart of the district. The vision is to create a diverse mix housing for new communities around green spaces.

The area used to be home to a wholesale market, and that special green identity is being continued in the new district with houses named after flowers.

Grønttorvet has owner, rental, shared ownership and public housing. “We are a city for all,” says the CEO of project developer group FB Gruppen, Hans-Bo Hyldig. “It’s a conscious strategy, which we are pulling out all the stops to achieve. We can’t control who comes in, but we can control the price levels of the housing.”

Some of the homes are furnished as family residences, and the area has two daycare centers for the youngest residents and a school for those a little older. In addition, there is also youth housing and special communal housing for single parents. In spring 2019, the new senior housing communities will be ready. A communal building will act as a focal point for all residents and will house a­ café to employ some of the young people from the surrounding public residential areas who find it difficult to get jobs.

Grønttorvet also has offices, shops, a café culture and, last but not least, blooming gardens. Each residential block has a communal rooftop garden with allotments and greenhouses where neighbors can meet and grow fresh herbs and vegetables.


Read the full article (written in Danish and translated into English by Scandinavian Traveller – SAS’ inflight magazine):

‘Living in the future’ in Scandinavian Traveller, August 2018, p. 59-64 (PDF).


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