Sustainable neighbourhoods in Copenhagen

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The Danish capital aims to be the world’s first carbon-neutral metropolis by 2025. Its green transition is already making the city more livable than ever before.

3. maj 2019

Cycle superhighways, a variety of parks and green spaces, waterfront promenades and harbor water so clean you can swim in it. Copenhagen is living proof that sustainable city design is very much synonymous with livability.

Danish architects and urban planners are renowned at combining sustainable solutions with esthetics and people-oriented qualities to create attractive urban spaces and works of architecture that are both beautiful and climate-friendly.

The Danish capital is already a frontrunner when it comes to sustainable urban development, and the bar for its future is also set exceptionally high: By 2025, according to the city’s visionaries, Copenhagen will become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital.

The city is collaborating with businesses, universities and institutions to achieve this -ambitious goal – and to create more jobs and a higher quality of life at the same time. Green mobility, recycling, renewable energy, climate adaptation and smart city technologies are some of the solutions that will keep Copenhagen a world leader of sustainable urban development.


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